Oxford photo diary


When living in London, so many of us forget to look at the bigger picture and embrace the diversity and beauty of the UK. The Island surely has a lot of precious hidden gems.

Oxford, being amongst the ultimate tourist and smart student destinations, is a must to discover. Charming old streets, very relaxed (even slow in comparison to London) people. I am beyond happy we got to spend a day there with my friend, we both enjoyed our Oxford leisure. Looking at these photos brings me right back to that Saturday. 
Best thing is that you get to see the best of Oxford in about one day's time, and it is all walking distance. 
Make sure you get to see Oxford's Botanical garden in its glorious colourful state, observe people pondering down the canal's shiny surfaces, walk around Oxford's University campuses and have a well-deserved break by rewarding yourself with a cup of artisan coffee at 'The Missing Bean', which is equally loved by the locals and tourists. It's neatly tucked away in one of the city's cobbled streets, but it's never empty.

So open a trustworthy weather forecast, pick a sunny day, dust off your sports shoes which will get those kilometres of walk rolling and go on an adventure!


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Kurt Geiger Loafers

Classic, practical and stylish - these are key qualities of loafers. Any girl's shoe closet needs to have a special place for those as they can be worn pretty much all year round. Loafers look great with dresses, skirts and trousers or jeans.  You can easily style them up or down - choice is yours and combinations are only limited by your fantasy (and common sense, of course)! 

As I am a proud owner of a predominantly grey/black/white/blue clothing, I went for an 'adventurous' burgundy color to spice up my wardrobe. 

Also, doesn't the stitching on these shoes give off that  Doc Martens vibe to you?

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Currently coveting

currently coveting

Here are some of the very few pieces I am currently absolutely loving at the movement!
I mean that pyjamas style jacket is absolutely gorgeous. Can definitely picture it with a nice pair or jeans/shorts or a skirt worn over a simple vest and gladiator sandals. Last ones would also look shamelessly perfect with a boho style dress you can see above.

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The ultimate London coffee guide: My version.

Kids of the 21st century and their phones...ugh

I am no coffee expert, but I do love my daily caffeine fix. If in Asia they've got a tea ceremony, I think that here in the Western culture we've pretty much got our coffee one as well. In London having a coffee with something is a way of socialising. When out in London, I love trying out new coffee shops and at the moment London is absolutely overcrowded with coffee chains and independent artisan cafes. Here are some of my beloved places to get a dose of caffeine goodness.

 ❢ WC2H 9EU
Monmouth is neatly tucked away behind London's Borough Market, which, per se, is quite an attraction.
The coffee shop is always buzzing with cool people and the smell of fresh coffee is hypnotising. 

Timberyard (Old Street)
 ❢EC1V 9HW

Timberyard has got two places in London, one of which is next to Old Street station and another is in the Seven Dials area. They serve matcha latte for green tea lovers, have a nice small selection of salads for lunch and make fantastic coffee and tea. If you get yourself a cuppa, it comes with a small timer, which ensures your tea is brewed properly. Good news for all-things-sweet lovers, they've got a n impressive amount of pastries. I'm sure it will satisfy your sweet tooth.
Tip: If you are trying to avoid soya products like myself, ask for almond milk !

                                                   ❢W1U 4SB or SW3 4XB or W1U 8EW (to name a few)
You can find Paul's boulangeries scattered all around London. I usually find myself going to ones next to Saatchi's and Knightsbridge. I really like the interior and overall atmosphere of Paul. They also serve takeaway coffee, so you can always order a salad or a pastry to go with it and enjoy all of them in a park or the closest square. 

Roots and Bulbs
 ❢SW7 2HF
Small place with a cute concept. Expect to see a lot of green plants and a great menu of smoothies if you prefer to fuel up from fruits, berries and other goodness. It is stones throw from South Kensington station and is located on the way to Victoria and Albert and Natural History Museum. so if you are veer around to visit any of these, make sure to pop in to Roots.

Pret A Manger
❢ Literally EVERYWHERE 
Everybody loves Pret! They offer healthy fresh meals, naughty and sweet treats, huge sandwiches and lots of different types of coffee drinks! My friend even tried an orange latte ones. Apparently, it is tasty. But I usually stick to good ol' cappuccino. I used to hate Pret's coffee once, but have since converted to their admirer. Prices are also much lower than Starbucks, yet quality does not suffer a second.

Notes is a specialty coffee bar and also has multiple places in London. I've been to the one next to Trafalgar Square and, must say, these guys make a pretty good and strong coffee. Whilst this cup may not boast about a fancy foam design on top, the taste totally makes up for it. Again, this place also offers matcha latte and as well as a food menu!

Local Hero
❢KT1 1PE
If you ever end up in far away South London (Richmond, Kingston, Wimbledon) make sure to pay a visit to Local Hero . It is a very lovely independent coffee place that serves full english breakfast, salads, pasta and cakes. They offer iced drinks, which are perfect on hot days, and comforting warm drinks on rainy days. The space is tiny and usually gets filled up very quickly, but, hey, it only proves that Local Hero is awesome. :)
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Cherry Blossom in Greenwich, London

I doubt anything screams more like Spring like fluffy cherry blossom trees! I think we're just days away until these pink trees turn leafy green. Luckily, I will have these photos to look at during cold and gloomy days in Autumn in Winter. Ok, bad ideas aside!
I know a black waistcoat, fedora hat and biker boots may contrast with the all pink and romantic background, but let's just say I tried to dilute this candy-floss like nature. :)

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