China Town

Hey, does my walk in China Town count as a legit visit to the fourth biggest country in the world? Because I feel like I've seen it all there..especially when it comes to food. Chinese people have nothing to hide, but even the dead ducks get displayed in a cool way that makes you wanna snap it. So if you feel like eating a piece of that, or some asian seafood, you know where to go. Plus, you can buy the cutest Chinese cookies, cakes, drinks, green tea chocolate and much more in the local shops.
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Mad Hatter

That day I got to experience Chinatown which is a place made for cool photos!
Already have 'em on my laptop, so posting them here is a matter of couple of days! Also tried to hire a Barclays bike,which are free thanks to London's mayor Boris Johnson. Mr. Johnson happens to be a huge fan of bike rides, so he is the person responsible for amusingly high prices for transport in London...he thought that would motivate Londoners to swap commute transport for healthy lifestyle..not sure if that's working out,but if you want to burn some calories and save a couple of pounds,Barclays are always at your serve. I was at my dumbest and completely failed at hiring one, though it seems to be pretty simple...not for me,not for me..:D But I guess wearing a hat and riding a bike wouldn't work out for me in any case :D

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Favorite bits and pieces

Though red phone booths are a casual thing here in London, there's a place for the more unique ones as well. You can discover these black ones as you go through the city!

Tub station at my favorite place,as previously mention,Covent Garden.

Main Entrance of the British National Museum.
This picture of the guy was taken in Knightsbridge,as you can tell,but still decided to pop it into the post, beacuse yeah,why not.
I just loved the way this women looked.So I brought my inner sneaky photographer out and snapped these two pictures.Ah,I totally have to recreate her outfit,her style is so down my alley.

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Day to day pics

I am in a sort of lazy mood, so instead of editing Tate and Hyde park pictures decided to share some of daily ones,which  also have been snapped in previous two locations.The quality might suck a little bit,since everything's taken on a phone camera,but since Instagram is so in,who cares..:D

На данный момент я нахожусь во власти лени,поэтому вместо фото,снятых на камеру в Тэйт,
Гайд Парке и Лондону в целом,хочу поделиться миксом всевозможных фотографий,что накопились в альбоме.Качество может немного хромать и отличаться от привычного кач-ва,но...лень все оправдывает!:D
Yes,selfies :D

^At V&A

^Three Graces statue in Victoria and Albert museum + an amazing crown made out of diamonds.

^Rather empty tube on Sunday and glowing installation in Tate

^ T-Rex and a spectacular St.Paul's Cathedral


Photos from the 19th century

^Elizabeth's dress for one of her visits to Paris decorated with pearls

^Book from the Medieval period.Instantly resembled me about the 
books that would appear in the beginning  of Disney's animated films.
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